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Sola Flowers: What Are They, and How To Use Them
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Sola Flowers: What Are They, and How To Use Them

The world of flowers is full of gorgeous and delightful alternatives to fresh-cut blooms. If you want a gift that keeps its shape and color longer, why not take a peek into the world of sola flowers? These flower alternatives are perfect for beautiful bouquets, wedding arrangements, and any crafty décor you can imagine.

As sola flowers continue to grow in popularity, many people have questions about these clever and creative decorations. Learn everything you need to know with this introductory guide to sola flowers, what they are, and how to use them.

What Are Sola Flowers?

Sola flowers consist of dyed tuber from a tapioca plant root. The tuber is incredibly light and soft, which means it can easily take on the appearance of an authentic flower. By cutting and arranging special shavings of this tuber, specialists can create flower petals that look and even feel like the real thing. Plus, the vibrant color of the dye makes each petal as beautiful as that of a real flower.

Why Choose Sola Flowers?

Crafters and decorators seek out sola flowers because they last longer than fresh bouquets. With proper care, a sola flower can last for years. That means you can admire the work and care you put into a décor project for a long time. Sola flowers make perfect gifts for this same reason. If you give someone a bouquet of fresh flowers, they’ll sit beautifully in a vase for a few days until they wilt. If you give someone a bouquet of sola flowers, though, the recipient can proudly display it for years to come.

This long life also makes sola flowers more sustainable than fresh flowers. Instead of constantly replacing your bouquets, you can admire the lasting beauty of sola flowers. Plus, the natural material is more eco-friendly than fake flowers made of rubber, latex, or polyester.

Finally, sola flowers are pollen-free alternatives to fresh or dried flowers. This means you can keep beautiful blooms in your home without worrying about allergies.

Beautiful Ways To Use Your Sola Flowers

Learning what sola flowers are and how to use them is simple. As with real flowers, you can use sola flowers with or without the stems. Keep the stems on to create a lovely bouquet, or use just the heads as decorations in wreaths, shadow boxes, and more. Finally, if you miss the smell of a fresh bouquet, add a touch of flowery essential oils to your sola flowers for a pleasing aroma.

Sola flowers are incredible alternatives to fragile, fast-fading fresh flowers. The next time you want to decorate or show your affection, check out our gorgeously crafted selections at Roxanne’s Dried Flowers. You can buy preserved flowers online to access our full variety of products and find the perfect bouquet for your needs. Learn more about the beauty of sola flowers and other wonderful arrangements by visiting Roxanne’s Dried Flowers today.


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