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Upcoming Floral Trends for Weddings: What You Should Know
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Upcoming Floral Trends for Weddings: What You Should Know

The perfect wedding needs the perfect flowers. From centerpieces at the reception to the bouquet you carry down the aisle with you, flowers are a fantastic way to incorporate color, texture, and style throughout your big day. Stay on top of what you should know about upcoming floral trends for weddings with this guide.

Warm and Neutral Earth Tones

If you want a summer or fall wedding, natural earth tones are a great way to go. The warm hues incorporate everyone’s favorite parts of the season, while the neutral base goes with any additional décor, outfits, or color scheme. Lean into neutrals with brown or cream colors, warm it up with burnt orange or brick hues, or relish in the deep tones of olive green.

Go Modern With a Monotone

If contemporary or minimalist looks catch your eye, consider the monotone floral trend. Decorate with a variety of blooms in the same color and tone. This uniform look is a great way to keep your color scheme simple and sophisticated while still incorporating gorgeous natural elements.

Bold Is Beautiful

Are you creating a color scheme that stands out? Bold color palettes make for a fresh and exciting take on the traditional wedding ceremony. Think bright colors such as reds, yellows, and hot pink. Incorporating flowers with these tones creates a vibrant and lively look you’ll always remember.

You Can Keep It Simple

Sometimes, a quiet, small, or simple ceremony is the best option. Match your subtle yet beautiful style with a minimalist bouquet. Pretty and petite bouquets are a traditional trend in Asian countries and they’re growing in popularity across the world. Let simplicity and elegance collide with a stunning small bouquet.

Add Natural Movement With Cascading Florals

Give your wedding a touch of the great outdoors with cascading floral pieces. Hanging arches, garlands that flow off the tables, or a bridal bouquet that reaches elegantly toward the ground are all great options. The rich texture, natural movement, and dignified flow of these pieces bring the best of flowers’ authentic beauty to your ceremony.

Create Something Unique

Let your style shine through by adding a touch of something uniquely you into your wedding florals. Every year, more unique and stylized elements are making their way into mainstream wedding trends. Arch pieces, meadow installations, hanging elements—if you can dream of it, you can have it in your beautiful ceremony. It’s your big day, after all! Push the boundaries and create the wedding décor you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re sticking with these upcoming floral trends for weddings or branching out into something completely unique, we want to help you make your dream ceremony come true. Browse our beautiful and lasting collections of dried flowers. You can even buy dried floral arrangements online for the ultimate convenience in your wedding planning. Build your perfect day with the stunning centerpieces, bouquets, and more at Roxanne’s Dried Flowers.

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