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The Wonder Of Austin Press

by Roxanne's Dried Flowers

Beloved line Austin Press is back in the shop and we’re enchanted all over again. Started and based in San Francisco, the collection features bold, romantic, nature inspired fragrances. Each unique scent is a mix of botanicals poetically strewn together with the power to transport— to a quiet found deep in the woods, a calm found next to a rolling ocean, an electricity found on full moon nights. The array of fragrances will inspire and comfort, rejuvenate and restore the fortuitous ones who cross paths with a line we just can’t get enough of.

Once you've found your fragrance match, the magic continues with hand pressed cards. Fit for elevated gifting to those held dearest, write words of love on embellished cards for keepsakes cherished.


A journey beyond our usual domain, the things we know, & the people we love. A moment in time to discover who we are.


 An unexpected ensemble of light, texture, color, space, and sound. Where we find peace and inspiration, in any form it may take.


It was once said, that no home should be without a small collection of Austin Press ephemera.