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Plant A Mixed Container This Weekend
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Plant A Mixed Container This Weekend

Make your own container from
mixed plants like this pot of stonecrop.
Container gardening is a great way to add unique feature plants to your landscaping, or bring softness to an environment that is predominately hard-scaped. We decided to try a mix of different perennial stone crops, sedum, and hens and checks, but you can make an equally exciting blend of flowering annuals, perennial grasses and plants, or cactus and succulents. The key to making an exciting mix is to choose a variety of colors, textures, and heights of plants, all while making sure that the plants share the same requirements for light, soil, and, water.
To make the planter: you will need a large pot, a selection of plants that share similar needs and layer well in the container, stones for drainage and top dressing, extra soil for planting, and coffee filters for managing drainage.
To begin, place the coffee filter at the bottom of the pot, over the drainage hole, to retain any sand or soil that could drain out of the container.
Next up fill the bottom of the container with rocks, which will allow for quick and easy drainage.
After setting up your drainage system, fill the container with soil. Use enough soil so that when planted, the soil level will sit just beneath the lip of the pot.
Before planting your plants, make sure to loosen the soil around the root systems, encouraging new root development and better acclamation to the new conditions.
Begin with the tallest plant, keeping it towards the center back of your container. Then work the remaining plants around the container, making sure to create an interesting mix of colors and textures. Fill in with soil as necessary.
After finishing the planting, dress the soil with rocks, sand, and mulch to complete the design.
Your planter should look great through the season, mixed in the garden or on the porch.
Not interested in making your own mix? Choose from one we've planted for you, from a wide selection of planters ready to enjoy in the shop.
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