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Create Your Own Autumnal Cornucopia
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Create Your Own Autumnal Cornucopia

Make a Fall Bounty Centerpiece

In three simple steps, you can make the perfect centerpiece for all of your fall gatherings. Start with our Willow Cornucopia, choose from any of our dried flowers bouquets or bundles, and combine the two for a simple yet elegant statement.

We have a variety of bouquets to choose from, great for making a unique design. We recommend using groups of three bouquets or bundles for a full cornucopia, or select the Horn of Plenty Bouquet custom designed by Roxanne to fit seamlessly within the basket. With these easy choices, you can be prepared for all of your seasonal entertaining.





Consider These Options


Willow Cornucopia

Celebrate the season with a harvest classic, the cornucopia; fit for displaying any of our custom bouquets.

Horn of Plenty Bouquet

Custom designed for our Willow Cornucopia, add just a single bouquet for the ultimate autumnal display.


Desert Rose Bouquet

Create an alternative fall look with hushed hues of desert tones. We recommend three to fill our Willow Cornucopia.


Colorful Calabash Bouquet

Add three of these quintessential fall bouquets to our Willow Cornucopia for a full on fall look.

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