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Do-It-Yourself Flower Crown
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Do-It-Yourself Flower Crown

Flower of the Month DIY:
Blue Caspia Flower Crown
Use this simple guide to make a modest crown from lovely blue Caspia, 20% off all month long. The full and feathered texture of Caspia makes it the ideal material for a pleasant roping of flowers, making it a classic crown for parties in the garden and concerts in the park. The best part is, Caspia and other preserved flowers will make for a long lasting accessory for many events to come.
Gather your materials, we chose the June flower of the month: blue Caspia, but you could use any full branching stem of smaller blossoms. We complimented the blue flower with a coral ribbon and pulled clippers for cutting and floral boutonnière tape for binding.
Prep the materials: Clip the tips of Caspia to one to three inch pieces, making sure to cut beneath the branching, which will allow for fuller and more dense rope.
Measure out the distance needed to wrap the roping around your head, and mark it from the center of the ribbon with two knots.
Gather several stems of Caspia to make the initial bundle, and begin wrapping with floral tape. When wrapping with floral tape, make sure to pull tape tight, as glue releases when the tape stretches.
Continue to pull small bundles and wrap the same piece of tape all the way down the length of the roping.
Also make sure to keep bundles facing outward, notice the single binding of tape on the inside of the crown.
After wrapping your last bundle, pull tape until it breaks and wrap the glue released remainder around the base of stems.
You can cover the last wrap with ribbon, wrapping until it is no longer visible and finishing with a bow.
Try this DIY with some of our other favorites

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