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Make this wall basket with the March Flower of the Month
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Make this wall basket with the March Flower of the Month

Flower of the Month DIY

A basket of Love in the Mist

Try your hand at this timeless arrangement made from nigella and our mini gathering basket. This project is an easy way to gather a single flower into a statement piece to hang on the wall, and would work well with most floral varieties we offer.

To make the arrangement you will need:

Mini gathering basket
Rubber Band

1. Prepare Nigella by gathering stems into your desired bouquet shape. This could be as simple as the bundle as it arrives from the shop, or an intentional stacked fan of flowers. It's best to keep the backside of the bouquet flat.

2. Cut the stems of nigella so that blossoms sit at desired height in basket.

3. Bind stems with rubber band.

4. Insert bundle into basket- if there is extra room you can fill with recycled paper, extra stems, or moss.

5. Hang on wall to enjoy.

- keep extra nigella heads and plant the seeds in spring for your own beds of Love in the Mist.

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