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Make This Bouquet For Mother's Day
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Make This Bouquet For Mother's Day

Hand-tied Bouquet made Simply

Try making this easy hand-tied bouquet from billy buttons, the April Flower of the Month, and Salal. With these simple steps, you can create your own single flowered, tied bouquets.
1. Gather your materials, a single stem flower, simple green, clippers, rubber bands, and floral tape.
2. Arrange the flower heads in a simple dome form, starting in the center and working radially.
3. Trim stems to a clean and even length.
4. Band the bundle of stems together temporarily with a rubber band.
5. Prep your greens by removing leaves and leaving clusters of leaves at the top of stems.
6. Surround the floral dome with the prepared stems of leaves.
7. Bind the completed bundle with floral tape.
8. Finish the stems by wrapping the tape with a ribbon and tie with a bow of your choosing.
* Consider these other ideas to make your own personal bouquet for a gift of simple occasion:
Arrange a bouquet using classic peonies to give to a cherished loved one. A symbol of romance, dried peonies will say it all and more once given to your love.
Protea Repens
Create a modern design using protea repens. The South African flowering plant offers pointy edges and vibrant colors, sure to brighten surrounding greenery.
Sarracenia Lily
Use this beautifully dried specimen to make a dramatic addition to any arrangement. The intricate pattern on the pitcher is a stunning example of nature's artistry.
Like the edges of a seashell, locally grown cockscomb twists, turns and undulates. Use it to add movement and bold color contrasts to your arrangements.
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