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Make Your Own Flower Crown
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Make Your Own Flower Crown

Flower of the Month DIY:
Dried Rosebud Crown

Love is in the air with February’s Flower of the Month: Dried Roses.

Try this simple rosebud crown made of dried roses and buds, ribbon, and hot glue. The project is simple and fun and makes a lasting accessory great for special occasions, romantic costumes, or an unforgettable night out.

To make the crown you will need:

Dried roses
Quarter inch double faced satin ribbon
Hot glue

1. Prepare roses by snapping buds and blooms off of stems, we find the dark red has lots of buds, while the pink added nice contrast.

2. Cut a length of ribbon to go around the head and tie in a bow. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center.

3. Start glueing roses to the center of the ribbon. Apply glue to base of blossom and hold to ribbon while drying. Take care not to burn yourself with the glue.

4. Continue tucking buds and blossoms from the center- making sure to keep the two sides balanced and full.

5. Keep the backside of the ribbon clear of blooms and flowers for a more comfortable crown.

6. Fill in the ribbon for as long as you like- blossoms can lead all the way to the bow in back or stay focused within the facial frame. Tie with a bow in the back and your are ready to hit the festival.

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