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A Cheery Fall Wedding
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A Cheery Fall Wedding

We may be biased, but we love the ephemeral quality of dried and preserved flowers. At the height of the growing season, the flower is preserved, and the beauty endures, as if frozen in time. This process makes it possible to have the color and flower variety of your choice without the environmental toll of importing fresh flowers from far and wide. This attribute of dried and preserved flowers make them ideal for wedding design.

We recently pushed the advantages of dried flowers to create a cheery, rosy wedding against the backdrop of fall's departure.

The wedding venue was the Pittsburgh Golf Club. The whimsical, flowing ribbons adorned the mantle and chandeliers. They added a dynamic design to the dance floor, which was one of the first spaces the guests experienced en route to the dining room.

The green and peachy tones of the dining room inspired the floral choices. Varying shades of green work in conjunction to match the light tone of the wallpaper. The bright coral colors of the candles, ribbons and flowers were a response to the bride's desired palette, and they paired well with the wallpaper accent colors as well.

As the guests arrived, and we departed, the bright, cheery colors began to twinkle wit subtle strand lights and candles.

Through the timeless beauty of dried and preserved flowers, we were able to transcend the season to offer a cheery accent to the fading amber hues of fall.

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