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Summer Wedding Inspiration: Late For An Important Date!
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Summer Wedding Inspiration: Late For An Important Date!

Before greens fade to amber, before the sun sets far too early, before the seasons shifts right into fall, let's revel in a summer wedding story...

Hers is a story of a defiant romance, sneaking away, and dashing to the courthouse through the cityscapes she knows from countless wanders. Her timeless look demands the unique, so hers is a story of staying true to her vintage style. Forget the traditional white frills. She wants inspired embellishments.

Her dress, her headpiece and her bouquet pair elegantly and effortlessly, a true reflection of her classic beauty. These wedding arrangements will become focal points of her new life. Dried, preserved and designed to endure, these beauties will inspire questions from her children and her children's children. She'll respond with the tale of the extra minutes she spent pinning her hair and applying her rouge. She'll recall running through the urban alleyways and streets, haling a cab and making it to the courthouse just in time to see her fella's eyes widen with admiration. The rest is history.

Roxanne's Dried Flowers is a full service florist offering custom dried and preserved arrangements for wedding parties and special events. Browse more of our Summer Wedding Inspiration, and contact us to set up a consultation to begin discussing your special Summer story.

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