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The Last of Summer Wedding Inspiration: Floral Crowns & Cakes
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The Last of Summer Wedding Inspiration: Floral Crowns & Cakes

Your wedding is your day. It's a chance to celebrate your love and the life you are beginning together. It's not about formulas or prescribed decor. It doesn't have to be church vows and a traditional reception. It's not about what a distant relative thinks a wedding should be.

Make your day memorable. Make your day about you and your love!

Nor should wedding planning be stressful.Roxanne's Dried Flowers is a full service florist offering custom dried and preserved arrangements for wedding parties and special events. Bring us your ideas, inspiration and your personality, and we'll work with you to create the perfect piece to reflect your style without stress or hassle.

From floral crowns to cake embellishments, our experience and our eye for detail will ease your planning process. We'll ensure your style and personality shine through all elements of your wedding day.

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