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Six Ways To Accent Your Home With Dried Flowers
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Six Ways To Accent Your Home With Dried Flowers

Natural accents evoke a sense of warmth and welcome in your home. Even the littlest touches can make a space more comfortable for you and more inviting for your guests. Decorating with dried flowers is a beautiful and sustainable way to incorporate a little more nature into your home. Check out these fun and classy ways to accent your home with dried flowers, from a sophisticated vase to the appeal of hanging flowers.

Hang a Wreath

Bring nature into the home with a hand-crafted dried wreath. You can hang it above the hearth, on a closet door, or in the bedroom as an ode to the outside world. The tradition of dried flower wreaths is rooted in ancient times. Today, it’s upheld with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs to choose from.

A tan wreath hanging on a wooden wall

Spruce Up the Mantle

Feature dried seasonal flowers on the mantle. While a winter fire crackles below, adorn your mantle with pinecones, preserved evergreens, and bright red berries. In the heat of the summer, you can make a sunshine-y display with daisy-like ammonium, feathery pampas grass, and dyed palm leaves. The mantle is the perfect place for seasonal décor; it’s an ever-changing display of Mother Nature’s best. 

Dried flowers sitting on wooden dresser

Craft a Centerpiece

Elevate dinner parties, luncheons, and teas with a dried flower centerpiece for the table. Guests will admire your flowery centerpiece, and it’ll be something to be remembered long after goodbyes. A woven basket, ceramic vase, or antiqued apothecary jar are all wonderful vessels to show off your dried flowers.

Add a Floral Touch To the Wall

Use handmade dried flower swag to fill blank wall space in your home. Gather an herbaceous mix for the kitchen or a traditional mix for the living room and tie it into a hang-down bouquet. Add a bow for a formal touch or tie the flowers together with twine for something more rustic. Or, you can incorporate these florals with other hangings, add them to a gallery wall, or simply hang them by themselves.

Fill a Vase With Flowers

Create a long-lasting display in your favorite vessel with a mix of dried and preserved flowers. Fill a petite vase for a simple touch or make a bold statement with something oversized and overflowing on an entryway table. Fill a vase with dried flowers to accent the home for seasons to come. (Since they won’t be fresh, you won’t have to worry about them wilting.)

A vase filled with dry flowers

Adorn With a Garland

Showcase the bounty of nature with a garland. Elevate the everyday by laying a garland out on the dining room table to be enjoyed during meals. Or you could hang one above a doorway for guests to delight in. During the holidays, wrap a garland around a staircase banister. No matter the occasion, dried flower garlands are essential in nature-inspired homes.

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