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5 Ways To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Office Space
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5 Ways To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Office Space

5 Ways To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Office Space

Spruce up any work environment with the addition of dried flowers. With everything from wreaths to arrangements to potpourri, you can transform your office in no time from a blank slate to a nature-inspired oasis. Bring your work environment to life with these five ways to incorporate natural elements into your office space. 

Adorn With a Wreath

Hang a wreath on your office door for a warm welcome. Office guests will be greeted by a natural, one-of-a-kind creation as they enter, lending a unique touch to the workplace. If your workspace is without a door, hang a wreath above your desk to brighten up your day.

Scent Your Space

Awaken the senses with a fragrant batch of dried flower potpourri. Steeped in long-lasting essential oils, our selection of natural medleys will elevate your office setting. Choose from floral-forward to woodsy scents, with plenty of in-betweens. Display in a low-lying vessel so that you can easily enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the florals.

Fill a Wall Basket

For a more rustic touch, hang a woven basket filled with seasonal delights on an office wall. For spring and summertime, we suggest something bright and floral. Meanwhile, fall calls for deep and rich tones. And for winter, we like bare branches with a touch of berries. Swapping out your basket florals each season is a simple way to keep your office decor fresh throughout the year. No matter the season, a wall basket filled with natural wonders will be the office focal point.

5 Ways To Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Office Space

Add Fruits and Pods

Showcase a collection of unique pods on a bookcase or shelf in your workspace. Fill an oversized glass vessel with dried fruit or a handmade ceramic bowl with moss and star pods. Place a single pinecone in front of a row of books for just a touch of natural beauty. Alternatively, set an overflowing wooden bowl of pods on top of a stack of books. Adding dried fruits and pods around the area is an easy way to incorporate natural elements into your office space.

Elevate With Arrangements

Find or make the right office arrangement for you. For a modern approach, we recommend minimal and monochromatic—say, a few stems in a sleek vase. Our dried grass arrangements provide gorgeous and elegant examples of this. For a more traditional arrangement, an array of deep-toned florals in an urn will do just the trick. Create something petite for your desk, while shelves and credenzas can handle something statement-sized.

With beautiful and lasting dried flowers, you can decorate your work environment to match any mood or style. Experiment with these ideas to create a gorgeous, welcoming, and productive atmosphere for your office space.

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