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Flower Spotlight: Lavender
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Flower Spotlight: Lavender

Lavender Fields Forever

Forever timeless lavender is a floral staple in both the fresh and dried world of flowers. Harvested for it's broad range of purple hues, deeply intoxicating scent, and calming powers, lavender offers more than just blooms.

Latin name

Symbolic Meaning
purity, serenity, devotion

Common Uses

floristry, fragrance, flavor

Aromatherapy Benefits
calming, stress reducing, aids in sleep

Lavender Hill by The Kinks

English Lavender

Harvested at just the right moment to preserve the blooms, dried English Lavender will add a year round touch of country to your home. Display on a table or shelf frequently passed by to get unexpected calming whiffs of lavender throughout your day. If using for crafting arrangements, separate stems ever so gently as to avoid fallen blooms. One of our favorite ways to use dried lavender is for gift wrapping. Add a few sprigs to a bow to top off a present for a loved one. The extra floral detail will make gift giving all that more special.


Lavender Incense

Create a morning ritual of burning lavender incense for a grounded and intentional start to your day. Known for it's calming properties, the scent of lavender wafting through the home will inspire you to destress and enjoy your day. Nippon Kodo Japanese incense features pure floral essences and no bamboo core, making for a clean burn.


Lavender Moon Soap

End your day in a soothing bath with all natural lavender soap for a calming effect. Handmade since 1982, SallyeAnder is our tried and true go-to soap. Only filled with the best, Lavender Moon boasts organic lavender essential oil for calming fragrance and organic oatmeal for a subtle exfoliant. We love this for sensitive skin!


Lavender Sachet

Tuck under your pillow after a long day for a good nights sleep you've only dreamt of. The power of lavender is best harnessed at night for sleep, taking away the stress of the day, lulling you into a dream world. Aside from calming aromatherapy benefits, our loose lavender is food grade, making it ideal for flavoring cocktails, desserts, and even savory dishes. We love this recipe for lavender-infused lemonade!

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