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Flower Spotlight: Hydrangea
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Flower Spotlight: Hydrangea

Our favorite summer flower has been dried and preserved to last for year round decor. Each process leaves the petals in tact to stand the test of time. Use the fluffy heads in wreath making or place the woody stems in your favorite vessel. With two types to choose from, peegee (smaller petals and more conical in shape) and macrophylla (bigger petals and more round in shape), your hydrangea dreams are reality.



If your garden is currently filling up with the lush bushy blooms, now's your chance to dry your own. These simple easy steps will make for year round reminders of summer time spent in the garden.

1. Find a bloom that's just past its prime. For PeeGee, the petals will have peaked at white and have turned to pinky green. For Macrophylla, the petals will have darkened in color from their peak vibrancy. If cut too soon, the petals will shrivel during the drying process. This may take some trial and error.

2. Trim stems at desired length.

3. Place Macrophylla stems in a vase with water. The absorption of the water helps to keep the petals from shriveling. Once the water has been absorbed over a few days, the drying process is complete. No water is needed for PeeGee, simply place in a vase to dry.

Upkeep & Care: For longevity, keep dry and avoid direct sunlight. The more sunlight the petals get, the more quickly the color will fade. For removing dust, use canned air or a blow dryer on a low cool setting.


Hydrangea Macrophylla

Stems of blue hydrangea, known for being good luck, have been naturally dried for year round use.

Hydrangea Macrophylla

The preserving process has replaced natural moisture with glycerin, leaving petals lush and pliable.

PeeGee Hydrangea

Add dashes of green blooms to wreaths and arrangements. The pliable petals are perfect for crafting.

The Desert Rose Cup

Display the petite arrangement featuring preserved hydrangea on a nightstand, desk, or end table.

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