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DIY Tips + Tricks For Specialty Gift Wrap
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DIY Tips + Tricks For Specialty Gift Wrap

Holiday Gift Wrapping

A few ways to make your gifts extra special

The house is decorated, the gifts are hidden, the gatherings are scheduled and there is only one last thing to do, gift wrapping! During the holiday season everything seems to have a bit of extra charm so why not treat your gifts the same way. How exciting it is to get a carefully, thoughtfully wrapped present just for you! Whether you are channeling your style or that of the receiver, the extra care in presentation can mean just as much as the gift itself. 


The Paper

From busy patterns, to bold colors, to plain kraft, the paper you choose will set the tone for the rest of your gift wrapping filigree. If you are going for a more natural look, stay plain with a solid color or kraft paper. This also gives you space for going all out on embellishments without worrying about materials clashing. You can also add to your paper by gluing flowers or leaves, or by adding stamps. Another unique option for stepping up your paper game is to mix and match papers. Try a patchwork style wrap job or keep it simple by wrapping one half of the gift in one style of paper and the other half in another. This option also allows you to make a little pocket in your gift for stuffing feathers, flowers or cards. You simply fold the end of the second paper you add closest to the middle of the gift to give yourself a clean edge, and voilà, a pocket! You can also just wrap a ribbon around the seam line to hide the raw edge. Lastly, instead of using paper at all, try alternative materials. We used paper ribbon on one of our packages, but fabric, bandanas or tissue paper can all work for a unique gift wrapping appearance. One last tip about tissue paper, instead of trying (and failing) to keep it unwrinkled, squeeze your sheet of tissue paper into a small ball in your hand then unfold. It will have a nice even texture that elevates the look into something sweet and sophisticated. This works great for gift bags too!



The Ribbon

Is a gift even a gift without a ribbon? Well, yes, of course, however, nothing screams gifting quite like a ribbon laced package with a bow on top. There are endless options of ribbon from velvet to grosgrain, from satin to silk, from wool to twine. You can bow your ribbon with a fancy multi looped masterpiece or just give it a simple knot for a timeless, understated look. An option we liked experimenting with was mixing and matching ribbon. Instead of choosing just one, choose two, three or five! You can wrap them in criss-cross fashion or tie them all together for festive display of colors and textures. Layering your ribbon is also a wonderful way to give your present an uncomplicated extra level of dimension. Raffia, rope or leather could also be interesting materials to try out, use your imagination, as long as it ties it could work as a ribbon alternative for an eccentric or natural feel to ‘wow’ your recipient!



The Embellishments 

The final filigree of gift wrapping is perhaps the funnest part. Be creative, explore your options and don’t be afraid to try new things. Add an oak leaf, a slice of dried quince or a small bundle of juniper. Feathers, grasses, foliage and flowers can normally all easily slide under your ribbon without any other adhering needed. Fruit slices such as oranges, quince, lime slices, etc., will need to be tied on with wire, jute or ribbon, and the same treatment will need to be done with pinecones. For something different, try moss, palm leaves or ferns. For something whimsical add birds or butterflies. Another option we tried for the over-the-top gifter was creating a miniature arrangement right on top of the gift. We adhered a small piece of foam to the paper then placed stems throughout for a bountiful bouquet coming right out of the package. Lastly, don’t forget to add your gift tag or card, just slip under your ribbon or tie to the bow. Make a statement with your embellishments and have fun doing it, gift wrapping can be a merry and exciting occasion, don’t miss out on the joys of this holiday-time activity. 



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