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The Styles We Love This Holiday Season
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The Styles We Love This Holiday Season

A Scandinavian Holiday

A Scandinavian styled holiday brings joy through simplicity and intentional design. Comforting neutrals punctuated with muted colors make for an uncomplicated landscape to pair thoughtful holiday decor for a season to remember. We love this style for its emphasis on natural, pared-down materials. Dried fruits, straw ornaments, pinecones and a wool rug will all work wonderfully in moderation to inspire the quaint Scandinavian countryside. You only need a few carefully selected items to make an impact, in fact, how you minimize the decor will be a huge factor in the success of your Scandinavian design, which makes it easier on the wallet as well! Coziness is another essential element. Think fur rugs and knit blankets surrounded by an airy and timeless atmosphere of whites and creams marked by a Charlie Brown tree with hanging fruit slices, a pinecone garland and a straw star on top - along with the folk aspect of the design, which may call for a german smoker, straw star or jute reindeer to adorn the mantel above a crackling fire. Scandinavian holiday decor is a lovely addition to the home, whether modern or rustic, let nature inspired simplicity be the muse for your home in the coming months.

A few of our favorite items to help start your Scandinavian holiday:

Natural Straw Angel

Orange Slice Garland

Hanging Tree Birch Branch 

Hay Animal Ornaments


Sugar Pine Cone 

Bell Gum

Bamboo Snowflake


A Mushroom Woodland Holiday

As long time lovers of mushrooms and the woodlands they inhabit, we are thrilled to incorporate either at any time but especially at holiday time! Whether it be the whimsy of the forest or the cuteness of the mushrooms, there are endless ways to make your holiday a woodland one. A lush green holiday tree decked head to toe in a variety of mushroom ornaments of your choosing, a forest of mini trees or woodland creatures adorning tabletops and tree branches are all options for your home this season. Evergreens and branches are a good place to start for your base, then you can begin to fill all the nooks and crannies with fungi, moss and creatures galore. This concept works better with a “more is more” type mindset, so don’t be afraid to add more trees and more figurines. Birds, butterflies and dried flowers are great additions if you are wanting more color and liveliness. 

A few of our favorite mushroom and woodland inspired items to get you started:

Toadstool Set

Paper Mushroom Ornament

Metal Woodland Ornaments

Faux Evergreen Tabletop Trees

Sponge Mushrooms

Forest Path Potpourri

Mushroom Field Guide Deck


A Victorian Holiday

A classic here at Roxanne’s, Victorian decor is a timeless, beautiful and extraordinary way of making your holiday one to remember. Victorian era design is characterized by lavish ornamentation, bold colors and an array of materials, patterns and natural elements. Picture a tree streaming with ribbons, stuffed with dried flowers and consumed by many, many ornaments. Think lots of metals, velvet, silk, crystals and florals. We love this design for its implementation of dried flowers, fruits and pods and paper flowers as well as other natural elements like seashells and feathers. This style feels like the ultimate expression of a warm, stunning and grand holiday celebration! If you are having friends or family visit, they will be in awe of what magic you can create. If you aren’t sure where to start, stick with jewel tones, focus on metals and floral patterns, after you have a path, just keep adding! If you are a maximalist, this one's for you! Treat yourself to a lavish holiday this season. 

A few of our Victorian favorites to get you started:

Dried Peonies

Metal Gold Fern Candle Holder

Osmanthus Garland

Silk Ribbon

Peacock Feathers

Tin Flower Ornaments

Faux Gold Magnolia Wreath



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