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8 Modern Designs For The Modern Home
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8 Modern Designs For The Modern Home

Mid-century modern came to fruition around the 1940s and rose in popularity throughout the 50s and 60s. It is one of the most popular design styles in peoples’ homes today. A product of the Bauhaus movement and post WWII optimism and rebuilding, MCM gave way for an ethos defined by functionality, unconventional use of materials, and the absence of unnecessary ornamentation. Mass production of manmade goods symbiotically generated a need for simplified designs that were highly accessible. The architecture and furniture that arose from this period was sleek, minimal, and connected intimately with the viewers bringing design into the home in a more approachable fashion. Open spaces, geometric and linear patterns, contrasting styles, flow between rooms and elements, the unique use of color and materials are instrumental aspects to MCM design. We’ve designed a series of flora to complement the MCM home, each a reflection on a central principle to the aesthetic the world has grown to love for almost a century. Time to inspire the natural world in your home.

Unique juxtaposition with bud vases 

A unique juxtaposition can be just the thing to transform an area anywhere in your home. Bud vases are a quick and easy method to play with juxtaposition with minimal use of materials and cost efficiency. Due to their compact size, bud vases can be placed almost anywhere. Think about pairing them with other decor, or arranging them in a unique formation. You can also play with the use of your materials. Think about exaggerated stem lengths, unusual materials or atypical pairings of color or flowers. 

Minimal, clean & simple with a pave arrangement

One of the key elements to mid century design is minimalism. Keeping your space free of clutter and crowding and designing with intention while using ample negative space is vital to a refreshing, clean space. However, this shouldn’t hold you back from implementing curated design pieces to add to the overall aesthetic. A simple pave style arrangement can be the perfect addition to add an understated moment of intrigue while keeping the space sleek and sharp. Using all one type of flower is a great way to keep things from getting too busy. It's also a great way to add a bold pop of color. 

Soft curves and sharp lines with a flower frog arrangement

Both geometric shapes and organic lines play an important role in MCM. It's easy to see in most furniture of the design, lots of sharp angles and swooping curved lines, checked patterns, peg legs, globe lights, square cushions, and oval tables to name a few. The emphasis on line work keeps the viewer's eye engaged and the room free of cumbersome furniture weighing it down. Flower frogs are a wonderful mechanism composed of sharp needles that grab on to the ends of stems holding them upright in an airy, provoking design. They were originally used by the Japanese for ikebana floral design and lend themselves beautifully to the mid century modern aesthetic emphasizing minimal use of carefully chosen stems and placement. 

Contrasting or inventive use of color/material

Finding inventive ways of combining contrasting styles is one of the most exciting parts of decor and encouraged within MCM design. The harsh rigidity of one style can be emphasized by the soft, pillowy appearance of another. Find the right nook in your home that could be lightened with some feathery grasses or transform a muted area with a pop of bright yellow craspedia in a vase. We chose to highlight a bold, colorful area with a natural touch of linear branches. The organic hues and forms of the branches contrast the synthetic man made forms surrounding it, each highlighting the beauty of the other.

Use of non-conventional materials with a bowl of dried pods

The inclusion of the natural world is not always the first thought when considering MCM design, but it is a very important one. Frank Loyd Wright, renowned architect in the MCM movement, went through great lengths to incorporate nature into the home, even going as far as building existing boulders and waterways into the architecture. Finding innovative ways to immerse organic elements into the simplistic rigidity of a MCM home can be just the finishing touch your space may be missing. Unusual dried gourds or fruits, found pine cones from a favorite hike, or seashells from a memorable trip to the shore are all wonderful keepsakes to put on display adding a healthy dose of intrigue and storytelling.

Graphic bold geometric shapes

Minimalism is a predominant component of MCM design which allows for ample opportunities for statement pieces. Whether be a large abstract painting or a striking flower arrangement, curating a space that allows for dramatic expressions of art can create the perfect balance between subdued areas of rest and eye-stopping intrigue. Bold color, geometry and style can all be used to draw attention while complimenting the design of the room. 

Functionality and minimal fuss with a plant

A large exotic plant has become a hallmark of MCM home decor and for good reason. The elegant sleek leaves of a bird of paradise, the bold lines of a cactus or the unique blocky geometry of a jade, many desert and tropical plants lend themselves perfectly to the clean, minimal aesthetic of MCM. There are so many intriguing shapes and sizes that make a huge design impact while bringing the outside world in. But their attributes don’t end there, functionally they are supreme in their low-maintenance, easy-care characteristics, suitable for any home. We recommend the following plants for the reasons mentioned above: sansevieria, zeezee plant, bird of paradise, pencil cactus, pothos, monstera, alocasia, jade, kalanchoe and palms. 

Showcasing expensive & unique objects with an orchid

With such an emphasis on functionality and minimalism, choosing the right elements to introduce to your space is a precious task but a worthwhile one. Having a paired down canvas creates the perfect opportunity to showcase something special in your home. Whether it be a souvenir from a distant land, a priceless heirloom or an exotic plant, utilize the environment you’ve curated. An orchid may be the perfect plant for the job. Orchids come in a variety of shapes, sizes and breeds, each more exotic and treasured than the last. They require minimal care with the right knowledge and put on a beautiful performance 1-3 times a year depending on the species. 


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