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 Getting married is a beautiful, intimate experience. It's a day unlike any other commemorating the love between two people in a completely unique and personal way, for each decision that goes into creating a wedding is made by the couple and becomes reflective of their new life together. The flowers should be no exception. With that said, our mission is to help curate and deliver your floral vision in any way we can. We offer a complete custom and personalized experience grounded in the idea that no two weddings are alike. Dried flowers in and of themselves are highly symbolic and carry a long history. They make for a unique choice visually and metaphorically in their long-lasting quality. They can also be more resilient and sustainable compared to fresh flowers in some circumstances. However, the best part of having dried flowers at your wedding, is the fact that you and your guests will get to enjoy the flowers long after the event is over.



What We Offer

  •  Full custom floral services

  • Delivery anywhere in the United States

  • Set-up and tear-down in and around Pittsburgh

  • $1,000 minimum



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      2.Stephanie McLellan, Photographs by Stephanie
      3.Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead
      4.Jessica Balkum Wedding
      5.Dennis Claxon, owner of DSC Weddings
      6.Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead
      8.Dennis Claxon, owner of DSC Weddings
      9.Roxanne's Dried Flowers
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