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Caring for Dried Flowers: The Dos and Don’ts
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Caring for Dried Flowers: The Dos and Don’ts

Caring for Dried Flowers: The Dos and Don’ts

One of the perks of choosing dried or preserved flowers is that they’re much easier to care for than fresh flowers. However, there are still a couple of best practices you should follow to help your beautiful bouquet last as long as possible. Keep your flowers looking as gorgeous as the day you get them with this rundown of the dos and don’ts of caring for dried flowers.

Do: Avoid Sunlight and Moisture

Avoid putting your flowers in front of a window because direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade over time. Similarly, dried flowers that reabsorb moisture can wilt and lose their color. Be especially careful with preserved flowers as these contain glycerin, a wax-like substance that plays a key role in the preservation process. If your flowers get wet or are in a humid environment, the moisture can cause the dye to drip out, damaging nearby walls, furniture, or doors.

Don’t: Allow Dust To Gather

Dried flowers do best in a permanent place where you don’t have to move or arrange them often. Unfortunately, this can lead to dust gathering on your blooms. Keep your flowers from looking old or dusty by using canned air or a blow dryer on a low, cool setting. Be careful and handle your flowers gently as you dust them.

Do: Control Humidity in Your Home

As we mentioned above, dried and preserved flowers prefer dry spaces. That’s why it’s important to control the humidity in your home—especially if you live in a warm or humid climate. Use a dehumidifier and try to keep humidity levels in your home around 60 percent. In addition to keeping your flowers in good shape, this will help keep your home comfortable during those warm, humid summer days.

Don’t: Keep Dried Flowers Outside

As good as your flowers might look on your front door, they won’t hold up as well outside. The sunshine, humidity, rain, and other elements can damage your flowers and severely shorten their lifespan. If you want your dried florals to last longer, keep them inside. They’ll look good on an interior door, above your mantle, as a centerpiece on the table, or anywhere else in your indoor space.

With these dos and don’ts of caring for dried flowers, you can make your dried or preserved arrangements last for months, a year, or even longer. Spruce up your home with the natural, lasting beauty of dried foliage and other preserved décor from Roxanne’s Dried Flowers.

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