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Bulbs - Tuberose

Bulbs - Tuberose

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Double Tuberose

Polianthes tuberosa 'The Pearl'

Fragrant blooms on tall stems above clumps of grass-like foliage.


Bloom Time:

Blooms mid summer

Mature Height:

24-36 Inches

Hardiness Zone:

7-10 Find your zone


Full Sun

Features and Usage:

Greenhouse Growing Instructions:

Plants require high light levels to bloom in 90-120 days if kept at 75° F. Never allow temperature to drop below 59° F. Water well then allow soils to dry on top before watering again, never leave sitting in water. Polianthes benefit from fertilization every 4-6 weeks.
Plants Per Gallon: 3
Storage Temperature Prior to Planting: 45-60
Cooler Humidity Prior to Planting: High

Transplanting Instructions:

Plant 1 bulb so top of bulb is 4" deep in a 6" pot or 3 per one gallon pot using a well draining soil. Water generously immediately after potting to rehydrate the bulb.

Homeowner Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Plant in full sun in rich sandy soil once danger of frost has passed. Perfect in patio pots.

2 bulbs