Potpourri - Wooly Bully

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A fantastic alternative to mothballs with its earthy, herbal fragrance of lavender, cedar, peppermint and clove. Cedar shavings, lavender, and rosemary form the base of this very practical potpourri. Use it to keep clothing moths away from precious natural fibers, like fine woolen sweaters, yarns, and rugs. Handmade in West Virginia, the potpourri blends that we offer feature real flowers, herbs and pure essential oils to create a natural, refreshing scent. Made in small-batches with no artificial colors, scents or “fillers”, this is a truly a treat for the senses. 

• Use at least 1/2-cup of Wooly Bully potpourri for an area equivalent to a 2′ x 1′ drawer.

• As an alternative to sachets, you may also line drawers with loose Wooly Bully potpourri. Scatter it on the bottom of a drawer and cover it with paper cut to size. 

•Wooly Bully refresher oil may be used on its own to deter pesky moths (note that it will discolor any wood finish, so apply it only to areas where you won’t mind some discoloration). Rub drops of it generously on the inside of drawers, on the underside of shelves, on the inside of your closet’s door frame for additional protection.

• In a closet, hang sachets from hangers of individual coats, suits, or other natural fiber clothing. Use on closet shelves as you would in drawers. For walk-in closets, you could even place a large bowlful of Wooly Bully potpourri on a shelf. If you choose to keep it loose in a bowl or basket, we suggest that you keep Wooly Bully Refresher Oil on hand to revitalize it once every month or two. Your Wooly Bully sachets should be refreshed with Refresher Oil at least once each year. Simply sprinkle a few droplets onto your potpourri and gently mix (follow this process in a plastic baggie to protect special containers or if refreshing a sachet).

Small sachet measures 3”x5” and holds about 1/2 cup
Large sachet measures 4”x6” and holds about 1 cup
Small box is 1/2 pint and holds about 1 cup
Large box is 1 pint and holds about 2 cups