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Potpourri - Forest Path

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Take a walk through the woods with one of our top-selling potpourris, Forest Path. Cedar tips, senna pods, hemlock cones, and juniper berries are blended with a fabulous balsam fragrance. It’s great year-round, and is our top-seller in Autumn and Winter. Beloved by all!

Handmade in West Virginia, the potpourri blends that we offer feature real flowers, herbs and pure essential oils to create a natural, refreshing scent. Made in small-batches with no artificial colors, scents or “fillers”, this is truly a treat for the senses. Enjoy potpourri around the house in decorative bowls and baskets, or simply place sachets in drawers and closets to delicately scent your garments. Sachets are also the perfect adornment for a gift, a great solution for a musty cupboard and a natural way to scent your car.

The scent will last anywhere from two months to many years depending on how your potpourri is used and the environment it’s in. Exposure to direct sunlight and draft will shorten the potpourri’s lifespan. A sachet in a drawer will last for years; keep in mind that gently agitating the potpourri or sachet will release more scent. The blends can be revived or made stronger with refresher oils. Simply sprinkle a few droplets onto your potpourri and gently mix (follow this process in a plastic baggie to protect special containers or if refreshing a sachet). Refresher oils may also be used in any oil diffuser. 

Potpourri blends can also be simmered in the stovetop; simply mix three tablespoons with one cup of water in a pot not used for food and simmer.

Small sachet measures 3”x5” and holds about 1/2 cup
Large sachet measures 4”x6” and holds about 1 cup
Small box is 1/2 pint and holds about 1 cup
Large box is 1 pint and holds about 2 cups