Kayuragi Sachet

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From the Kayuragi collection, where fragrance "Ka" meets with slowly wafting scented smoke "Yuragi”. The creators of these sachets produce some of the finest Japanese incense and have been a shop favorite for years.

Each of the mini Kayuragi sachets is filled with blended sandalwood powder with fragrance. Using the sachet is an easy way to enjoy high-quality fragrance in daily life. A sachet may be placed inside a wallet, purse, drawers, greeting card or even in your car. Each wooden box includes six mini sachets with scented sandalwood blend.

  • Sachet size: 0.17” x 0.15”
  • Box size: 2 7/8”W x 4 5/16”H x 1”D
  • Ingredients: Sandalwood powder and fragrance
  • Avoid placing them in high temperatures. Use and store out of reach of children.
  • Do not eat & do not burn.
  • Avoid placing the sachet for long hours on painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, and fabric. Changes on the surfaces may occur.