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Size: 1.7oz/ 50ml
Fragrance: Farmer's Garden
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Sublime, nourishing, and silky on your skin. Alluring to those around you. Exquisitely adorned with letterpress art and hand-crafted packaging. 

Spray / organic cane alcohol, essential oils, and fine fragrance.


Ladies Cabin

Field flowers, chopped logs, summer herbs, & a flowing river

The ladies of the cabin all wear cotton dresses and collect wild flowers in pale purple mason jars. They braid each other’s hair as they sit on chunky logs covered in ladybugs and soft moss. Their secret forest hideaway made from dovetailed cedar, is loved for the fresh air, surrounding evergreens, honeysuckle, wild bluebells, and tall grass. The nearby lemon grove provides them with an endless supply of food, drink, and medicine. Here in this cabin, they have everything they need.


Monk’s Library

Cloister walls, ancient manuscripts, sacred chants, & Arabian myrrh

The Monks live on a quiet hillside sanctuary where they are dedicated to prayer, song, and study without interruption. To those outside the cloister walls, these men are a mystery. But that suits them well. Bergamot, lemon, and mint cover the field just beyond the only window that gives light to the library. Handmade incense of lavender, geranium, sage, and clove fill the room. Rich cedar and balsam shelves house the collection of ancient books providing the perfect ambiance for pensive contemplation.


Forager’s Forest

Wet dirt, forest florals, neroli, & earthy, woody sandalwood

Wandering upon moist, dark soil, the forager discovers a world of medicine, nourishment, and magic. The ambiance of tall redwoods, wet bark, exotic fern, and tiny forest floor florals, guide him along the way. A mushroom here, a berry there, an edible green to round out a meal. The process of finding, picking, walking, and breathing enlightens his heart and energizes his soul.


Fox’s Grove

Pink rose, lemon grass, camphor, and earthly patchouli

Once upon a time, a fox lived in a grove. His red coat, thick and soft, game him the appearance of youth, no matter how many years had passed. He ate the freshest of fruits, exercised daily on a carpet of wild flowers, and napped under lemon blossoms that infused sweetness into his dreams. It is said that he brought luck to the nearby village, and longevity was their fortune.


Bird’s Nest

Bergamot, damask rose, amber, and precious woods

Carefully made of twigs, leaves, and foraged bits of nature, the Bird’s Nest is perhaps the coziest of all homes.Soft and crunchy, unique and spontaneous, earthy and fortified, the process evolves. Safely integrated into nature’s height of towering trees, the birds look down upon us. They lay their eggs, feed their babies, learn to fly, and on occasion team the cats.


Spider’s Web

Black currant, petit grain, oak moss, and amyris

For over 100 million years the spider has woven its silky, protective web that glistens when touched by the sun and water. So pretty and light, sticky and seductive, we cannot resist its pull. The spider waits patiently at the center, where the lines converge and the hypnosis begins. Have mercy on us spider, for we have fallen under your spell by no fault of our own.


Farmer's Garden

Cut grass, freshly turned soil, tiny flowers, and herbaceous plantings

The farmer's garden expands across acrea of land with lush green beds full of varietal fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The air is laden with earthy notes from the nutrient rich soil, and watery notes from abundant plantings. In her mud-covered overalls and bright purple tube top, the farmer takes a bite from a tomato right off the vine. She delights in the glimmer dancing on wet blades of grass, and settles into the sun bathed haven of her very own bounty.

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Jennifer Scibetta
My new favorite fragrance

It was risky buying a perfume online without smelling it first, however the name and the notes called to me. I’m so glad I took a chance. It’s amazing! It shipped quickly and arrived impeccably packaged.


With less than 10 employees, Roxanne's Dried Flowers has been a small, local business for over 25 years and has become a landmark in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

Woman Owned + Operated

With humble beginnings growing and drying all her own product, this small business has been owned and operated by the same woman, Roxanne!


Dried flowers offer a long-lasting, low maintenance option that don't require water or refrigeration making their environmental impact far less than their fresh counterparts.