Try Our New Potpourri: Roxanne's Blend

Try Our New Potpourri: Roxanne's Blend

Sep 11th 2019

Discover Your New Favorite Potpourri

Inspired by summertime in the garden and her work at the cutting table, Roxanne has crafted a youthful floral mix with notes of rose, lilac, jasmine, wisteria, and lily of the valley to bring the flower garden into your home. A visual feast of clippings straight from the arranging bench mixed with perfumes and essential oils to create a lasting sensory experience.
Featured in Roxanne's Blend:


Like the edges of a seashell, locally grown cockscomb twists, turns and undulates. Use it to add movement and bold color contrasts to your arrangements.


Brighten arrangements with white, feathery blooms of Everlasting. The shade of the flower will pop when mixed with other flora and foliage.

Kent Beauty Oregano

Pink fades into green in this beautiful specimen of the natural world. Kent Beauty is just what your creations need, soft in both color and shape.


This natural, air-dried peony bunch makes a lovely gift wrapped in parchment or in a vase.