Shop Fresh Greens In The Garden

Shop Fresh Greens In The Garden

Dec 3rd 2018

Fresh Greens in the Garden

Our backyard oasis, once filled with blooming summertime flowers, has now been transformed into a wintery wonderland abundant with fresh wreaths, swags, garlands and more.

Long lasting fresh greens will see you through the season with little to no care. Fresh greens do best outside in the cold, however when displayed in the home minimal misting will help to keep greens from drying out.

Rosehip, juniper, magnolia and boxwood wreaths are available as a simple ring, or adorned with an assortment of fitting fruits, cones, and ribbons. As well as wreaths, we have one of a kind swags filled with the seasons best greens and berries. Once you've found the perfect wreath or swag for your front door, our fresh garland will be the finishing touch to your fresh and festive decor.

With a bountiful supply of fruits, cones, pods, ribbons and more, almost anything desired can be created if what you seek is not found in the garden.

We look forward to seeing you at the shop!