Seven Unique Gifts

Seven Unique Gifts

Dec 16th 2018

Seven of our favorite gift ideas from the shop floor:

Quintessential Christmas Arrangement.
Recalling the magic of Christmases past, this classic arrangement sparks all the joy and whimsy of the season. Made from lasting preserved evergreens and dried flowers, the gift will last for years to come.

Roxanne's Terrarium
Planted in shop by our gardening experts, these terrariums are set up for success. A perfect gift for someone who loves plants and gardening but doesn't have space, these miniature landscapes will be a tabletop delight.

Cocktail Garish Garden Bon Bon
One of the exciting options of Garden Bon Bons available to give and toss, these delicious treats look like fine truffles, but aren't for eating. Imbedded in the soil and nutrients making up the delicacy are seeds to be tossed in the garden, choose from seven varieties based on you interest!

Handmade Polish Ornaments
We have curated a selection of hand-blown Polish ornaments, plucked from the garden and ready to bring old world sparkle to your tree. Start a tradition of giving these heirloom quality treats, every one will make each year unforgettable.

HAUS Candles: Winter Haus
Hand poured in the USA, a warm fig base is complimented with the smokey notes, reminiscent of a wood-burning fireplace. This candle made from a coconut wax blend will make anyone's room immediately comforting and inviting.

Eric Hahn Pottery
Handmade right outside of Pittsburgh, these porcelain mugs feature romantic imagery in a classical Chinese style that tells stories of our rust belt past. With references to steel mills and overgrown gardens, these pieces both make a statement and can be used everyday.

Bisque candle-holder
A deer forages for bits of green in a snow-covered winter clearing. The sparkle of candle-light sets the scene a glow and adds a warmth to the room. Romantic evenings by a winter fire will have a flair when this candle is illuminated.

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Happy Holidays!