See You In The Garden 15% Off This Sunday

See You In The Garden 15% Off This Sunday

May 17th 2019

Join us this Sunday for our Annual Garden Party

In the meantime here is a fun project for decorating for a Garden Party of your own:

Flower of the Month DIY: Ivory Hydrangea Flowerpot

This simple project is a quick and easy way to make lasting centerpieces that will look great for all of your garden gatherings. Make these summer favorites now and you can enjoy them all season, whether your party is a planned fete or a last minute get together with your gal-pals.
To make the arrangements you will need: Preserved Ivory Hydrangea (20% off thru the month of May), Spanish moss*, miniature terra cotta pots*, and garden shears.
*All of these products are available in store, please call or email for availability.
Start by loosening the moss to create an open substrate.
Loosely fill pots with moss, tight enough to lodge in place, but open enough to penetrate with Hydrangea.
Cut your stems at a sharp angle, making small florets from start of each branch.
Insert Hydrangea into moss base, making sure the flower head begins at the top of the moss.
Complete the arrangement with three to four pieces of the bloom, making a natural mound similar to a cone of ice cream.
We think this arrangement is perfect for all your summer gatherings, come visit us this Sunday for our own party in the garden, and annual sale!
Consider these materials, or buy an arrangement ready to be shipped to your home!

Preserved Hydrangea

Welcome the summer months with bountiful blooms of hydrangea, preserved to last past the heat of the season.

Golden Glow Basket

Decorate sunset dinners in the garden or bring to your favorite hostess the perfect token for unforgettable evenings.