See You At The Shop

See You At The Shop

Jul 21st 2019

Try This New Look For Summer

This season we can't get enough of sun-washed and bleached hues for our summer palette. We love mixing muted tones with vibrant greens to create a look that is both subtle and fresh. Pull your favorite baskets and gather bundles of our washed blooms.
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Brighten floral creations with the large Ferns, or create a modern, woodland display using only the fronds in a simple vessel of your choosing.

Butterfly Garden Cup

Discover a yellow butterfly nestled amongst soft shades of green and pink. This dainty arrangement is perfect for gift giving.

Sora Pod

Muted in color, but bold in design, Sora Pods will instantly transform arrangements into exotic statement pieces.

Palm Frond

Add tropical foliage to summer designs with Palm Fronds. Surround with sun-washed tones for the ultimate pop of color.