Refresh Your Autumn Decor

Refresh Your Autumn Decor

Sep 9th 2019

Clean, Crisp, and Simple for Fall

As a chill descends upon September evenings, try this palette for a fresh take on seasonal decor. Sun-bleached hues with pops of fall classics create a stream-lined look that can be enjoyed in the heat of the autumn sun and the light of the harvest moon.
Try These Bleached Materials


Brighten arrangements with white, feathery blooms of Everlasting. The shade of the flower will pop when mixed with other flora and foliage.


Bleached stems boast tufts of flowers from top to bottom, perfect for adding unusual texture to at home creations.

Willow Eucalyptus

Add swaying movement to home crafted bouquets with Willow Eucalyputs. Available in multiple colors, the attractive foliage will highlight the flowers it surrounds.

Woolly Fern

Brighten floral creations with the large fern fronds, or create a modern, woodland display with only the ferns in a simple vessel of your choosing.


Let your arrangements and wreaths overflow with Hanging Amaranthus. The long, tendril like blooms will spill out of floral creations in the most romantic way.

Bunny Tail

Add softness and fluff to arrangements. The ornamental grass has been dried to last, capable of withstanding handling for creating.