New Summer Bouquets!

New Summer Bouquets!

Jul 12th 2019

Introducing Our New Summer Bouquets!
Fresh for the summer season, we are offering a new market style bouquet in two bold color ways. These bouquets bring all the old world charm of a European market right to your home, when ordered online or purchased in shop.

Check out these fun ways to work with the bouquets, whether placing in a vase or making a unique arrangement yourself!
Summer Color Bouquet in Raspberry
With a quick clip, the raspberry color-way is beautifully complimented by our gold Jordana Vase.
Or try your hand at arranging in a bowl of your choice, like this one in our store. Create a structure with broom bloom, cutting stems close to the lip of the container, and interweaving to make a nest like structure. Continue to stud the creation with complementary blooms like the yarrow and star flower, and then finish off with a flourish of focal flowers with the safflower.
Summer Color Bouquet in Basil
Similarly, the basil color-way can be trimmed to fit in the Norah vase, also available on line.
Once again, these flowers can be arranged to make a statement arrangement, here in a birch wrapped container available in our shop. Interweave the broom bloom to create a structure to hold the other blooms. Follow with the safflower and starflower to add interest to your shape, with finishing touches creating movement and fun from phallaris and craspedia.
Check out these single bunches, which would be a great way to add more volume for a larger arrangement; or make a mix of your own!


Brighten your next floral creation with the addition of yellow Yarrow. The sunshiney shade with lift your color palette.

Broom Bloom

Replace floral foam with preserved Broom Bloom. Woven into a nest, the flower acts as the perfect base for securing and arranging other flowers among it.


So much more exciting than a typical grass, Phalaris adds texture, height, and natural whimsy to bouquets and arrangements.


Candy colored blooms are an ideal way to add a pop of interest and rhythm to your floral design.