New Scents Available At The Shop

New Scents Available At The Shop

Aug 13th 2018

Come to the shop today to try exciting new scents fromAustin Press and elizabethW

Roll-on perfumes and soaps from Austin Press

Aromatically nuanced roll-on perfume made from fine fragrance, essential oils, and health inducing apricot kernel oil. Small batch pours, pocket/purse size. Sublime, silky, & nourishing on your skin. Exquisitely adorned with letter pressed art and hand-crafted packaging. Just for you!
Also enjoy nuanced soaps made from olive, palm, coconut, & argan oils, mountain clay, essential oils, & fine perfume. Small batch pours, hand-stamped, luxurious on your skin. Exquisitely adorned with letterpressed art and hand-crafted packaging.

The ladies of the cabin all wear cotton dresses and collect wild flowers in pale purple mason jars. They braid each other's hair as they sit on chunky logs covered with ladybugs and soft moss. Their secret forest hideaway made from dovetailed cedar, is loved for the fresh air, surrounding evergreens, honeysuckle, wild bluebells, and tall grass. The nearby lemon growth provides them with an endless supply of food, drink, and medicine. Here in this cabin, they have everything they need.

For the hard working peasant, long days in the field are rewarded in the sun drenched prairie. Wild mint and chamomile dot the lush green grass. A warm amber and white musk blow through the sweet terrain. Surrounded by tall camphor trees, a watery knoll sings her name. As a matter of ritual, the peasant girl rolls up her burlap dress and somersaults down the hill. Happy and refreshed, she strolls back to the camp with a daisy in her hair.

Spray perfume, hand cream and body oil from elizabethW

Elizabeth Wightman was perfumier's Albert Whightman's great grand-mother. She founded a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas in the 1800's, when neither grace nor style were required or desired. Her spirit of determination and independence went hand in hand with her romantic nature and classic elegance. She was the obvious inspiration for his business.


Cosmopolitan, alluring, vibrant. Open air market stalls brimming with sweet violets, pink jasmine, and cyclamen. Notes of lemon zest and bergamot balance this urban bouquet.

Bohemian, sultry, opulent. Top notes of softly sweet vanilla and black currant embrace a base of woody patchouli and dark chocolate to create a rich, sumptuous, ultimately exotic fragrance.