Make Flower Crowns With New Blooms

Make Flower Crowns With New Blooms

Sep 9th 2019

Try Your Hand At A Flower Crown

A favorite look for summer parties, the fields of the festivals, and a bride waling down the aisle, flower crowns are a great way to make a fashion statement. What better way to make them than with flowers that have been dried and preserved? To make these crowns we chose simple blooms, natural twine, and classic floral tape. Wrap the blossoms round the twine, binding with a consistent wrap of the tape.

We recommend trying your hand at a simple crown like the one pictured in the middle, made solely from the blossoms of one of our new summer blooms, Kent Beauty Oregano. The crown on the left features a combination of white Star Flowers, Achillea The Pearl, and a final wrap of raffia. The crown on the right is a more complex mix of dried and preserved flowers, including accents of preserved Bunny Tail grass.

We can't think of a better weekend project for the midsummer heat, or inquire for custom pieces in shop.
To Make Your Own

Kent Beauty Oregano

Pink fades into green in this beautiful specimen of the natural world. Kent Beauty is just what your creations need, soft in both color and shape.

Star Flower

Add sprigs of stars to summertime flower crowns. Star Flower crowns are best enjoyed outside under the balmy moonlight.

Achillea The Pearl

Small buds of creamy white make for the perfect nest to add other flora and foliage to. Use this as a base in your creations.

Bunny Tail

Soften floral designs with natural Bunny Tail. The fuzzy grass is the whimsical element your flower crown needs.