Flower of the Month SALE

Flower of the Month SALE

Sep 9th 2019

Flower of the Month:

Bearded Wheat

For our flower of the month series, we offer
20% off gold and black Bearded Wheat
for the month of September.
Greet the fall with natural Bearded Wheat! This classic grain has been naturally dried, a memento from the harvest season. Create seasonal arrangements, hostess bouquets, and harvest time wreaths with Bearded Wheat for your festive fall time gatherings.

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Pair With:


Add a muted tone of merlot to the natural hues of Bearded Wheat. The fuzzy blooms are perfect for bouquet building.


Make arrangements with a country vibe using the small charming blooms of Ammobium.

Oak Leaves

Use as seasonal foliage amongst florals, grasses, and pods for your autumnal creations.


Arrange in a woodland creation or modern arrangement, the versatility of Natraj will surprise you.