Flower of the Month SALE

Flower of the Month SALE

Feb 25th 2020

Flower of the Month:


For our flower of the month series, we offer
20% off Lunaria
for the month of February.

Enjoy this classic dried flower on sale for the month of February. Coveted for weddings and special occasions and a favorite for trending event blogs and Pinterest boards, Lunaria is the opalescent ghost of the seed pods of this popular biennial. Perfect in wreaths and arrangements, Lunaria will add shimmer and texture to all of your future creations.

Gather For a Valentine's Day Bouquet

Preserved Stemmed Rose

Feature Lunaria in a Valentine's Day bouquet surrounded by roses and more.

French Lavender

Use sprigs of dried lavender to add a fragrant element.

Plumosus Fern

Add Plumosus Fern to your bouquet for an airy touch of green.

Eric Hahn Pottery

Display dried and preserved florals in local handmade pottery.