Create Your Dreams From Flowers And Feathers

Create Your Dreams From Flowers And Feathers

Jul 21st 2019

Midsummer Dreams

This season we are dreaming of washed out sun soaked hues and breezes that kiss like the wind on a feather. Try arrangements made with bleached ingredients, soft hues of pink and cream, and contrasting knobby textures with strong shapes. For mid-summer dreams, we recommend a look rooted in nature, with an energy that is totally ethereal.

In celebration of the season, and a gift to all our fellow crabs, we are offering this cropped and ready art for your digital device. Let it be a reminder that we are in the midst of the season of dreams and romance.
Check out these blooms online:


A classic romantic flower, use this bloom to express just how much you care to lovers and friends.

Jimson Weed

Add intrigue and texture to floral creations with Jimson Weed. This is one of our current favorites!

Sponge Mushroom

For the forager in your life, Sponge Mushroom will bring back fond memories of searching for wild edible fungi.


A woodland essential with a twist, preserved Fern has been bleached creating a whimsical foliage for floral design.


Add movement to bouquets and arrangements with pink Rodanthe. Each bloom will dance in your creations.

Sora Pod

Adhered to reed stems for arranging ease, simply display in a vase for a simple and natural sunwashed look.