Consider a Terrarium Making Party

Consider a Terrarium Making Party

Oct 26th 2017

Have you attended one of ourTerrarium Workshops? Need to brush up on what you learned, or want to learn more while in the company of your close friends? In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops, we also offer private classes for small groups. Consider one of our private sessions as a creative alternative to a bridal shower or as a unique gift option.

In your Terrarium Workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of terrarium building and maintenance. Our experts will guide you through the construction, while educating you on the structural principles, materials, and practices that make for a lasting and healthy terrarium. Each student will make their own terrarium from provided materials and leave with instructional pamphlets on the care and creation of future projects.

Bring your best friends and make it a memorable gathering, while learning how to make the centerpiece for your next dinner party. Want to make it an extra special party? Bring some wine, and have our favorite blogger & food stylist Quelcy Kogel, ofWith The Grains, prepare your light bites.

With several options for both containers and plants, the options are pretty limitless.