DIY Bundle Basket


Creating an arrangement of your own has never been easier. The simplistic stylings of the bundle basket will leave you with an arrangement in no time at all. Complimentary flowers have been chosen to simply be placed into the gathering basket. The parvafolia creates shape, while the hydrangea adds a focal point to the arrangement. The greek oregano balances out the mass of the hydrangea, while the santa cruz oregano is used to fill in the arrangement as the final element. Follow the simple steps below to learn the artistry behind the bundle basket.



Step 1: Hang basket for arranging ease.


Step 2: Add greens to create shape.


Step 3: Complete shape and add mass with hydrangea.

Step 4: Add greek oregano for texture, trimming stems to fit. 


Step 5: Bind stems for easy insertion.                            


Step 6: Insert greek oregano to balance the mass of the hydrangea.

Step 7: Divide santa cruz oregano to fill gaps in arrangement.

Step 8: Insert first bunch between hydrangea and greek oregano.

Step 9: Trim second bunch to fit beneath greek oregano.

Step 10: Insert second bunch, to fill and complete the mound of flowers.