The Symbolism Behind A Red Rose

A gift of flowers does wonders to brighten one's day and one's decor, but gifting flowers is also a way to convey an unspoken message. Each flower symbolizes a feeling or emotion, so arranged in a bouquet, these flowers begin to tell a story, your story. When it comes to the red rose, it's a story of passionate love. 

This wreath combines the passionate symbolism of the red rose with Amaranthus to convey your love will only grow stronger. Amaranthus, also known as "Love Lies Bleeding," is derived from the Greek meaning for unfading and immortal love, while the Nigella pod symbolizes the chains that bind people together in love.

Bring your Valentine breakfast in bed this year, and add a touch of beauty to the tray with this petite arrangement. The Juniper sprigs represent protection, so your Valentine will know your passionate love is the forever kind.

This Red Rose Love Sheaf combines the passion of the rose with the protection and devotion represented by the lavender.

The Red Rose Love Bouquet features a touch of Pink Everlasting to symbolize eternity. Give this bouquet to the love of your life!

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