A Cleansing Smudge Set Gift

We've curated this gift collection to empower you to cleanse your space with the time-tested tradition of smudging

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs bound with string into a small bundle. The herbs are later burned as part of a ritual or ceremony. Our gift set includes a White Sage Smudge and a Lavender Smudge in addition to a white feather and an abalone shell for collecting embers. 

Sage is traditionally burned as a cleansing ceremony to prepare a sacred space. After opening windows and igniting the smudge over the abalone shell, carry the stick around the room, circling clockwise from the center of the room and pushing the smoke to the corners with the provided feather. 

After the cleansing, follow with the same treatment using the lavender smudge to welcome and encourage good energies into the space. Hand-tied white sage is gathered out West, and French Lavender is bundled for the second smudge. 

This Smudge Set Gift Collection is a lovely gesture for a housewarming, new job, or just to refresh and reinvigorate what seems humdrum and everyday. Check out this unique gift idea and more on our Gifts page.