Add Some Shimmer & Shine with our Mercury Glass Arrangement

Nothing shimmers quite like mercury glass, and though this arrangement is petite in stature, it will make a big statement in your decor. 

This petty arrangement features Morning Yellow English Rose, Pink Strawflower, Integrifolia, Yellow Margarita Flowers, Pink Rice Flower and Blue Echinops.

During growth, the unique Globe Thistle flowers (Echinops) thrive with a combination of their roots in moist soil and their heads in the sunshine. These spiky flowers can grow up to 6 feet tall! Cut right before the individual florets open, these flowers are hung upside down to dry and then handled with utmost care, as they are quite prickly and fragile. Their distinct, globe shape adds a focus to arrangements, such as this mercury glass cup, and provides a visual contrast to the paler, softer palette of the rose and rice flower we used here.

Feature this arrangement on a side table with other collectibles, or give as a sweet gift to a close friend. When featured in a candlelit dinner, this arrangement will truly shine! 

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