The Forest Path Gift Set

Experience a hike through the forest with this assortment of our favorite woodland-themed accessories. 

Each box comes with an assortment of feathered, millinery-style birds, and a collection of items you could have foraged along a forest path. 

To send your mind on a forest hike, set the mood with the "Earth" scent, part of the Elemense collection of incense, by Nippon Kodo. Elemense channels the traditions forged in the eighth century, when Buddhist monks, who used the mystical aromas in their religious ceremonies, brought incense to Japan. This natural set of incense combines beautiful hints of vetiver, cypress and patchouli, as if stirred by an ancient rainforest in El Mirador, Guatemala. Breathing in the scent is deeply grounding.

The assortment of mosses, included in this gift, make a great base for gathering the collection together. Once assembled, display in a bowl or low plate, to add a rustic touch to a coffee table or dinner-party centerpiece.

Enjoy this collection yourself, or give it to a friend in need of an escape to the woods. You'll find this and many more newly added collections exclusively in our Gifts section.