Lavender Two Ways

No dried flower enthusiast should be without lavender, which is why you'll see this versatile flower appear in various forms at Roxanne's Dried Flowers. Whether in pot pourri, scented sachets, simple bouquets or as a wedding centerpiece, we continuously find inspiration in this classic flower. 

Fresh lavender is cut early, before the buds open to reveal tiny flowers, and then it is hung gently to dry. Our lavender comes from France, where the fields of Provence look like a purple seaside in the summer months. 

Our Natural Integrifolia & Lavender Wreath captures the feel of a summer in Provence, with muted countryside tones contrasted by bright, meadow yellows and the fragrant bunches of lavender. 

For a simpler detail, we offer bunches of lavender. Arrange them directly in a vase or enamel bucket, or work them into your own dried flower floristry. 

For more ideas on using lavender in your decor or for a special event, visit the shop soon and speak with one of our experienced employees.