New to Gifts: Collections to Create Experiences

Whether you're thanking a hostess, sending warm wishes to a friend, or treating yourself to something extra special, we have a brand new collection of curated gifts to fit the occasion.  

More than just a collection of objects, we've carefully curated these gift sets to be experiences. From the first glance, to opening, to appreciating the contents, each step will leave a lasting impression. We began with unique ribbons and packaging materials, fitting for each of the gifts' themes. Interspersed in the packaging, you'll find fragrant additions like calendula or lavender, to immediately awaken the gift recipient's senses and immerse him or her in the process. 

Additionally, we're bringing you the inspiration and ideas for applying the many elements of each package. From coffee-table, harvest arrangements to stunning, forest-inspired displays, to exquisite powder room apothecaries, these gifts will last long past the unwrapping. 

Find these and more in our new collection of Gifts.