Container Gardening

Fresh in our Backyard Garden, we have a great assortment of lightweight containers, plants, and assembled planters ready to finish your landscape. Visit us anytime to learn how to incorporate containers into your hard-scaped garden areas, or amongst your flower beds. Check out the following ideas for container garden inspiration!

Try using annuals and herbs in a unique container, like this vintage watering can. No longer watertight or fit for its original function, this antique vessel is perfect for bringing charm and whimsy to the garden when used as a planter.

Lightweight and weather-resistant containers, from Crescent of Italy, make gardening easy and fun. Recycled plastic, in classic designs, adds sophistication to your patio or entryway, featured here with a layered mix of perennials for year-round interest.

This black pot, another great style of Crescent planter, features a carefully combined mix of annuals for flowers and color all summer long. This combination of Martha Washington Geraniums and Plectranthus love to dry out between heavy watering. Perfect for a sunny spot, the planter will continue to flower and trail down long into September. Plus, it's light enough to pull inside before the first frost!

For a sunny area, bold succulents make a splash of texture and color. Below, we mixed a variety of our favorite succulents with an exotic Kangaroo Paw. Keep this container in all-day sun, offering an oasis of plant life to a hot patio or rock garden.

Visit the shop soon to find inspiration in our backyard garden!