Container Garden How To: Using a Crescent Brand Acrylic Container without Drainage

At Roxanne's Dried Flowers we are always looking for new ways to feature our favorite plants, and this summer, one of our favorite containers is the clear, acrylic pot from Crescent of Italy. Made of durable acrylic and featuring a streamlined approach to the traditional terra-cotta planter, this piece makes a lovely addition to the porch or a modern interior. Another benefit of the container is it's drain-free base. While a hole could be drilled for drainage, we chose to take advantage of the water retaining section, and create a terrarium for more water sensitive, shade loving plants. 

Check out the following steps to see how easy it is to make one of your own, or see what combinations we are featuring in the shop today!

1. Gather materials for creating the reservoir and potting medium, we use charcoal, turface (similar to pumice), a variety of rocks, and a good draining, organic, soil mix. 

2. Start the base with a water-filtering layer of Activated Charcoal, which you can find in an orchid-potting department.

Container DIY 05.jpg

3. Pour a fine layer of Turface, or crushed gravel.

Container DIY 07.jpg

4. Create a reservoir, for water, from an eye-pleasing mix of larger rocks and stones. Fill in any resulting gaps with smaller stones, followed by the same crushed gravel, to keep soil and water separated.

5. You are ready to place the soil, leaving room for your plant selection.

6. We chose a pairing of philodendron and begonia for this mix of shade-loving plants. To give the planter a finished look, top dress the soil with rocks and gravel.

7. Water the container well, watching to fill the reservoir halfway with water.

Display a planter such as this out of rain and heavy sun, as the plants prefer shade, and the reservoir should not be over saturated. To check the water levels, look to see if the reservoir is half-filled with water, and feel the top of the soil for dryness. Water accordingly.

Simple as that! Visit the shop soon to pick up supplies for this tutorial and for more ideas. If you have a green-thumb in your life, the planter and plants from our backyard garden make a great gift idea!