Pampering Apothecary Gifts for Him

Just as we leave behind the brutal winter winds, the sunburns start. The seasons take their wear and tear on the skin, which is why everyone deserves a "treat yourself" gift every now and then, including the special men in our lives.

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We've curated a collection of gifts for him because he deserve some pampering. Inspired by Turkish baths, where time dedicated to the body leads to serenity, these all-natural products will elevate his daily routines to cherished rituals.

This simple, refined shaving brush will tame even the most rebellious stubble with its soft, wild-boar bristles. Pair the brush with this beautiful, tin-plated copper bowl and Barber's Soap for a truly rejuvenating shaving experience.

This Barber's Soap is a lipid-rich, high-quality (25% laurel oil), long-lasting shaving soap for a close wet shave. Its rich, creamy lather softens stubble and leaves sensitive skin smooth and soft.

Mysteriously called Les Secrets D'Antoine, these sensual fragrances are meant to leave a soft scent in his wake.  The traditional Marseille soap is colored and perfumed with citrus and spices. to cleanse gently and naturally, leaving skin soft and delicately perfumed.

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