Mother's Day Gifts to Pamper and Indulge the Senses

We love celebrating everything about our Mothers. While we are always ready with the best dried flowers, flowering plants, and gifts for the garden; we have sourced a great selection of unique items perfect for everyone's mom: handmade and ethically sourced clothing, fine Marseille soaps made from pure vegetable oils, and body care tools are ready for Mom to pamper and indulge her senses!

Winter can be ever so rough on our skin, so like all the plants that reemerge in spring, we too need to reemerge. On a personal side, this may mean new goals. Outwardly, it may mean a new look with light and fun textiles, and for our beauty routine, it might mean exfoliation and self-pampering. We've curated a great collection of bath products and accessories to give mom that special glow this season.

Not only do these brushes look great when arranged together on a vanity, they take pampering details to a whole new level. The Belle de Provence Large Tree Brush is a sophisticated bathing brush used to both wash and exfoliate skin. Its petite version is perfect for an overnight bag and most commonly used for nails and a proper pedicure. Both are made from treated woods and all natural boar bristles. 

Perfect for showers and baths, this Sisal sponge is an exfoliating necessity to keep your skin young and rejuvenated, and the hand strap makes it a cinch to use, as well as store in your shower.

An igneous stone from the volcanic regions of Lebanon, pumice has relieved travel weary feet for centuries. 100% natural, pumice is a piece of molten rock, or magma, thrown into the air by a volcano and hardened by the sudden drop in pressure. Rough-textured and matt black, each pumice stone is cut and shaped by hand. The natural abrasive texture of pumice, used on the hard, rough skin will gently smooth away calluses from spring gardening and summer travels. Pair this gift with a body oil or a rich body cream, so Mom can exfoliate and soften. She'll take comfort in this product's fair-trade origins too.

These natural sea sponges are harvested from the sea and are ideal for use in the bath or shower. Use in conjunction with one of our many Marseille soap to create a rich lather, while gently cleansing the skin. To preserve this sponge, simply rinse with water afterward your shower or bath, and leave out to air dry.

Visit the shop soon to put together the perfect "Treat Yourself" collection, or pick up a gift card and let Mom assemble her own beauty wish list.